Sip & Script workshop

Sip & Script Faux Calligraphy Workshop

All the lovely without the complexity, faux-calligraphy is actually hand-lettering and it is the perfect method to begin understanding the art of calligraphy.  It is also great to use when working on any surface–paper, chalkboards, glass, wood and canvas!  Faux-Calligraphy can be achieved with any ordinary pen or pencil, but offers similar results to pointed pen and ink calligraphy!

The Sip & Script Faux Calligraphy workshop is taught by Jennifer Snook of Wichita, a personal friend of Elgin owner, Tammy Ensey. You will leave with a few favorite pens, a stack of resources, a personal project, and all the things you need to practice this introduction to the ancient art of calligraphy.  The class will start on paper, but will finish with a completed faux-calligraphy project to take home & show off!

Classes are offered at 2pm and 6 pm. Each class is limited to 15 people and cost $65/person. Call (620) 382-3200 to make your reservation now!